4 Herbs That Strengthen The Immune System

A healthy body begins with a well-balanced diet, early folk medicine and old advice for eating some herbs to increase the body’s immunity and protect against the diseases it violates. Today, modern science has shown that some herbs help protect the body from disease

 In this article, we will talk about 5 herbs to boost immunity.

1  Carnation

Contains eugenol, a substance that kills non-narcotic and narcotic microbes, an example of dental pain and gum infections, and cloves can be added to the daily cup of tea as a general antiseptic and prevent bacterial infection

2  Cinnamon with nigella

It has the effect of killing microbes and stimulating the immune system, and it is the ideal drink for strengthening immunity as a prevention and treatment of microbes, although these medicinal plants are natural, you should consult a doctor before using them, and the antibiotic should be replaced only after consulting a doctor, depending on the severity of the disease, It is suitable as a preventive and complementary treatment in cases where the use of an antibiotic is required

3 the Garlic

To conduct experiments on the chemical compounds present in garlic – effective against many viral diseases, in addition to its benefits in reducing the risks of developing cancer, blood pressure, and promoting heart and vascular health.

To overcome the taste and aroma of garlic, you can chop garlic cloves and add them to olive oil, then leave it for a few hours, then filter the pieces of garlic while keeping the oil in a covered container, as well as swallow it with water such as tablets

4 Tea boiled with thyme

It is suitable for gargling in cases of sore throats because tea contains polyphenols that kill most bacteria, and thyme is a phenolic substance, which is thymol that has a similar effect to that of antibiotics on bacteria.

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