home remedies that relieve knee pain

1 Heat therapy

Heat also helps relieve pain because it relaxes muscles and prevents joints from stiffening. Heat is generally used in combination with cold therapy because the two complement each other.
Cold is best within the first 24 hours because it reduces inflammation significantly. The heat then enters to soothe the residual pain and keeps you as nimble as possible.
You can use the heat as many times as you want, but apply the heat patch on your clothes or on a towel so that you do not burn your skin. Be aware of how much your body temperature rises and stop when you start to feel too hot. For this reason, we do not recommend using heat treatment at night.

2 Ginger extract

Ginger is a popular spice used in cooking, as a supplemental food, and in topical ointments (as mentioned earlier).
Ginger is popular for relieving nausea as well as pain, and a study with arthritis sufferers found that using ginger in combination with prescribed medications reduces pain even more than just the pure medication.
The benefits are consistent whether you use it fresh or powder, we recommend that you have it in your cupboard. Ginger can be your treasure when you suffer from any type of pain.

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