best foods to clean and protect the liver naturally

A list of healthy foods that fight fatty liver disease, and fatty liver disease is a medical condition in which fat cells accumulate in the liver. This can lead to inflammation, scarring and cirrhosis if left untreated. The good news is completely reversed by eating the right foods and correcting the diet. Fatty liver disease prevents the liver from working properly especially when it comes to filtering toxins and storing nutrients.

Consuming these foods helps cleanse the liver and cause healing at the cellular level.

1 turnips

These cruciferous vegetables are one of the most dense foods in the world. It contains more antioxidants than most other plants. These help reduce inflammation, help the liver remove toxins and even help remove fat from the liver itself.

2 Garlic

Garlic is loaded with sulfur, which activates the liver enzymes that cleanse the body. Garlic also contains large amounts of selenium. Selenium is an essential micronutrient that has been shown to help boost the levels of natural antioxidant enzymes in our liver. Selenium supplementation gives our livers even more ammunition in the fight against damage caused by oxidative stress.

Garlic also contains 39 different antibacterial agents, making it a great food for protecting your body from disease and reducing body weight. In addition, the allicin in garlic plays an important role in the liver cleansing process.

3 Beets

Beet juice has traditionally been used as a remedy to activate enzymes in the liver and increase bile because, beets contain vitamin C and a healthy dose of fiber, both of which are natural cleansers for the digestive system. It is rich in betalains and other compounds that have been shown to reduce inflammation, protect against oxidative stress, and reduce the risk of liver damage.

Additionally, beets contain manganese, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin and that can help protect your cells from damage. Thus, the high levels of vitamin C and magnesite make beet a powerful antioxidant inside the body, helping to support immune health.

4 apple cider vinegar

This is one of the most powerful healers of nature and works by improving digestion. Apple cider vinegar helps your body absorb more nutrients from the foods you eat.

Essential nutrients must be absorbed in order to reverse fatty liver disease and treat liver. Drink 1 tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar and a cup of water before each meal.

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