natural foods to relieve pain in the joints and knees

If you have chronic pain in the knee or joints, you are more likely to feel the effects throughout the day, every day. You may have arthritis, folliculitis, tendinitis or an injury, but all these cases involve painful inflammation, and all can hurt regardless of whether you use the joint or not. Long periods of stillness cause the same discomfort, if not more.

The medication your doctor recommends may help you, but you will be surprised at how important your diet is.

Try to eat more of these 6 foods to relieve joint pain naturally. It has been shown to help joint health, reduce pain and help you move again.

1 flax seeds

Eating flax seeds is an excellent way to get omega-3 in no time. Only two tablespoons of flaxseed flour contain 140% of the recommended daily value for omega-3 fatty acids.

Studies show that regular consumption of flaxseed seeds can significantly reduce the production of inflammatory compounds. This is an excellent way for vegetarians and vegans.

2 Whole grains

Whole grains are excellent for reducing inflammation, but refined grains (such as white flour) do exactly the opposite. Whole grains retain all three parts of grains, bran, germs, and endosperm. White flour is used only for the endosperm, but the germ and bran contain most of the nutrition.

Try to avoid white bread for whole-grain products. Some of the best whole grains include oatmeal, quinoa, barley, and brown rice. Whole grains are useful for reducing inflammation before and after exercise.

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